Redeem your MS Office product key by entering it at - Download, Install Office Setup with Product Key

Are you looking to activate your MS Office product? If yes, follow the link and enter your product key to activate your MS Office item. For a detailed step-by-step guide to purchase, activate, download, and install your Office product, read the text available ahead.

How to create an MS Office account?

To get started with MS Office, you need to sign up first at the official website of Microsoft Office. Follow these steps to create a new MS Office account.

1.    Open an Internet browser and visit the link

2.    Click “Create a new account.”

3.    Select the Create one option to begin creating your Microsoft account.

4.    Enter your Email address, and afterward, click Next.

5.    You can also use a mobile number instead of an Email to sign up for Microsoft.

6.    Then, create a complex password for your Microsoft account’s security.

7.    Afterward, click Next.

8.    Enter the personal details in the corresponding fields.

9.    Again, click Next.

10.  Enter your date of birth and select your country of residence.

11.  Again, click Next.

12.  Check your Email and enter the one-time code to verify your Email account. Once entered, click Next.

13.  Then, solve a simple puzzle by clicking Next.

14.  When solved, click Done.

15.  Great! Your new Microsoft account has been created.

How to buy Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

Follow the below-listed steps to purchase Microsoft 365 for Enterprise.

1.    Go to via a web browser on your computer.

2.    Click the Microsoftlogo at the upper-left corner of your PC screen.

3.    Then, click Microsoft 365 from the top navigation bar.

4.    Select the For Enterprise option.

5.    Select an Enterprise subscription plan of your choice.

6.    Then, click the Buy Now button just beneath your selected subscription.

7.    Now, you can start setting up your account by entering your email address.

8.    Then, provide more personal info in the corresponding fields.

9.    Keep following the on-screen instructions to finish purchasing Microsoft 365 for Enterprise.

10.  After the purchase is complete, Microsoft will deliver your unique product key on your Email.

How to redeem your Office product key via

You cannot use your purchased Office item if you don’t redeem its product key. Here’s how to redeem your MS Office product key.

1.    On your computer, visit the link

2.    Then, log in to your MS Office account.

3.    Afterward, enter the product key from your Email.

4.    Select your language and area of residence.

5.    Then, enter your payment details to proceed with redeeming your Office product key.

6.    Keep following the on-screen commands until you see the Install Office button.

7.    Hooray! Your Office product key activation is complete. Now, you will get the download link to your purchased Office setup. Click on it to save the Office setup file on your computer.

Steps to install the MS Office setup on your PC

Follow the below-listed steps to install the MS Office setup on your PC.

1.    Turn on your personal computer.

2.    Find the downloaded Office setup file on your computer.

3.    When found, select and open it.

4.    Then, you’ll see a tiny pop-up asking for your permission to allow the MS Office setup file to make changes to your PC. Click Yes.

5.    Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the MS Office installation on your PC.

How to change your Microsoft account password?

Always keep changing your password for safety against various online threats. Follow the below-listed steps to change your Microsoft password.

1.    On your personal computer, visit the official homepage of Microsoft (

2.    Then, click Sign In to log in to your Microsoft account.

3.    Enter your Microsoft account credentials to log in.

4.    Once logged in, click the profile icon at the upper-right corner of your screen.

5.    From the tiny drop-down, click My Microsoft Account.

6.    Then, on the next web page, click the Change Password option.

7.    You can now use the on-screen instructions to finish changing your Microsoft account password.


Question: How to reinstall MS Office on your PC?

Answer: Go to Microsoft’s official homepage ( via a web browsing application on your PC. Then, sign in to your Microsoft account and click Install Office to reinstall it on your computer.

Question: Can I transfer my Office subscription to a new computer?

Answer: Yes! You can easily transfer your MS Office subscription to a new PC. To do this, uninstall the Office setup from your previous computer and reinstall it on the new computer.

Question: How to activate the MS Office setup after installation?

Answer: To activate the MS Office setup on your PC, locate any Office application and open it. When it opens, accept the license agreement to activate and start using the Microsoft Office setup.